3 Questions You Should Answer Before Introducing a Data Mesh

“However, new clients unaccustomed to his methods said that Drucker’s consulting was frustrating at first.[…]. Drucker on the other hand asked many questions but refused to answer ones about what to do, saying that this was not his job. Yet the questions he asked his clients led them to come up with solutions, which repeatedly led to success, and they usually hired him again.” (Taken from Peter Druckers very different consulting model, but “Peter Drucker on Consulting” tells the same story) Peter Drucker had a consulting model which I admire because it had three components I value.  One, it forced […]

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Why the Data Mesh Sucks

… you into three fallacies, the need to build any platform at all, the need to build a data mesh, and lots of coupling inside the platform. (based on Photo by Thomas Tucker on Unsplash)  “The most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” to put it with the words of The Economist.  To extract that value from data is the new frontier for companies of this century. Data meshes appeared in 2019 to change efforts around data fundamentally. In my words, data meshes are pretty simple (but not easy). “An organization has a data mesh, if it has […]

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