4 Trends That Will Disrupt Your Data & Analytics Strategy in 2020–2021

Continuous Intelligence, DataOps, Data Democratisation, and Data Meshes are the four major trends in data & analytics I’ve been observing lately. All of them could become relevant to your business in 2020–21, not because they are the “latest thing” but because there are three major underlying forces pushing those trends forward. And they will come to you in one form or the other. Analytics & data strategy: the three forces, data demand, data growth, and complexity growth with the four trends. Image by the author. In this article I will explain: What the three forces are that will define analytics strategies in […]

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The Three Product Owner “No”’s

Saying “No” is the most important job of the product owner. It’s really the reason d’etre for this role. But there are lots of different ways and reasons to say “No”. This is my stab at categorizing three important “No”’s a product owner can deliver. A typical SCRUM backlog, colors imply different projects or feature areas. All images by the author. I still like the definition of a product owner as “if you’re responsible for building a product in a company using scrum, then you’re a product owner.” Or to say it with the words of Melissa Perri Product Owner is […]

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Dear Product Manager: Just Say No

Why you should delete requests that are past what you consider “soon & forecastable”. (Created with http://www.stripcreator.com by the author) With 100s of requests for a product, what do you do with the ones that simply are not on your current horizon? Do you put them into the “in two quarters” column? Do you put them on the “idea pile”? Do you keep pushing them back quarter by quarter? I suggest a different method, which is the honest & transparent one in my opinion, but not the ones people tend to like at first. Delete them. More precisely, delete everything that […]

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