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I’ve prepared a small example on setting up AWS Neptune with Terraform at


I might post a complete guide in the future, for now, just a bunch of bullet points for using AWS Neptune with that example:

  • The AWS Neptune instance will be launched into some VPC (of course)
  • You can’t access AWS Neptune from your computer, even if the VPC has an internet gateway enabled OR you have some kind of tunnel.
  • You have to use an EC2 Instance in that VPC (AWS docu), which is what the Terraform example sets up.
  • You’ll have to use a key which, in the example is called “testpair” to SSH to the instance.
  • The example uses region eu-west-1, AWS Neptune isn’t available in all regions (as of now), so make sure to adjust the region AND the AMI to suit your needs (AMIs are region specific).
  • The example allows SSH access from everywhere, so this is nowhere near secure.

On AWS Neptune:

  • You can access the Graph DB using Gremlin or using SPARQL, or better, there are two DBs inside the Cluster. Data inserted via Gremlin can only be retrieved using Gremlin, and the same goes for SPARQL.


Alright, now head over to the aws neptune terraform example, run “terraform init” and “terraform apply”.

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